Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will the road be?
>> In total, the M8 Westway extension will cover 3.7 miles.

2. What route will it follow?
>> It will run from Charing Cross, south of Park Circus, through Kelvingrove Park and across University Avenue, between Glasgow University and the Kelvingrove Museum. It will then run through Partick and join with the A739 at the North Entrance of the Clyde Tunnel.

3. How much will it cost?
>> The costed option, including land purchase and inflation allowances, is £500 million.

4. Why is it needed?
>> This road is an essential missing piece of Glasgow's road infrastructure. Without it, local roads are becoming gridlocked and the economy of the West End is suffering. Building the road will ease congestion on the Kingston Bridge by diverting westbound traffic towards the Clyde Tunnel. In conjunction with the M74 completion project on the Southside, The M8 (Westway) will reduce overall carbon emissions, and Glasgow will enjoy a fully functioning urban motorway network and increased mobility for individuals and businesses.